June 8, 2014 was a day like any other day at the clinic on Central Avenue. Several saints stood and prayed as usual, waiting for the clients to arrive. The summer heat was sticky as ever, even at 8 a.m.

A young black couple drove up to the clinic. I offered the boyfriend some information, which he took, looked at, and then entered the clinic behind the young women he brought. 

We kept praying for them. The young man came out to the car again after a few minutes, but did not say anything. 

However a few minutes later, the young lady came out with a very relieved look on her face. She walked right over to me and Rick (another sidewalk counselor trained by FPR) and told us, "I can't go through with this, I knew I couldn't go through with it." I gave her some information for a local pregnancy center in Tampa. 

Please pray for "D" and her baby. Praise the LORD for this save.

--June 8 2014


Saturday, August 23rd was just like any other summer Saturday in St Petersburg. 



And relatively quiet early in the morning. 

The All Women's Health Center abortion clinic on Central Avenue alternates their times for clients in order to mix up the sidewalk counselors. 

Today was a later Saturday, and when I arrived on the sidewalk with the others, it was already hot. 

About ten of us had gathered to pray, and at around 9:00, cars began pulling into the parking lot. We reached out to the first two clients, but to no avail. Both entered the clinic without taking any information. A third car pulled in around 9:30. Inside the car, a woman sat and waited.

She was alone.

Usually this means that she was there to support a friend, or she was waiting for one of her friends. 

However, we could tell that she was there for an abortion. She seemed distressed as I waved and motioned to her. 

I fired off about 50 texts to my prayer team.

From all over the country, pro-lifers began to pray. Within minutes, she started the car, and began backing up.

She rolled down the window and motioned to me.

"I just chanted my mind. I can't do this."

I gave her some information about local pregnancy centers. She seemed so relieved.

Please pray for "Katrina" and her baby.

Praise the LORD ! 

--August 23, 2014


On Saturday, May 17, we were blessed to witness another save at the Central Avenue clinic in St Petersburg. As cars started pulling up, and women began entering the clinic, we called out with our usual greetings. 

"Good morning, please take some information. We're here to help you." 

In the midst of all this calling out, a car pulled up next to the shrubs. In it, was a young black woman. She sat in her car for a very long time. We were not sure if she was there that morning to pick up someone, or if she was there to support a friend, or if she was there for an abortion.

As we were calling out to some other folks going inside the clinic, we noticed that she had opened her car door.  As we got closer to her, we could see the tears on her face and felt the anguish on her heart. We've seen this so many times before.

We began praying for her and calling out to GOD on her behalf. She told us that she didn't want to have an abortion, and that she was really struggling with the decision. We continued to pray. I sent out instant texts to our team of supporters and friends. They began to pray too.

Get ready to shout HALLELUJAH! The girl (we'll call her Wendy) went to lunch with another sidewalk counselor, who then led to her to Jesus right then and there. Wendy is now in touch with a group of Christian women who are supporting her decision to keep her baby. 

Sidewalk counseling is effective, everyone! God is at work in this ministry  Please keep up in your prayers. 

--May 17, 2014

"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born."--Ronald Reagan